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Freestyle Demonstrator

Interactive Electrochromic Art Work

Rise – The idea of the demonstrator is combining science and art together to create something beautiful and functional that could belong on the wall of anyone.

Smart Display Cabinet

Naitec – The demonstrator consists of a display case that includes the following functionalities achieved through printed electronics: capacitive sensors and mobile application to display the occupancy level of the shelves & magnetic lock activated by capacitive coded key.

Transparent Lighting with microLEDs

Holst Centre – Demonstration of the integration of microLEDs for transparent applications lighting, signage and display applications. The substrate is flexible, giving the demonstrator form factor freedom.

Smart Sensor Mat

Holst Centre – The sensing mat consists of a combination of printed piezo-resistive and piezo-electric sensors and can be placed under a bed sheet, enabling long-term monitoring of babies in a hospital bed or at home.

E-Leaf Printed H2O Electrolyzer Cell

Eurecat – The prototype is an ultra thin fully printed electrolyzer cell based on printed electronics, with gas formation and electrolyte is water. Capacitor devices based on printed catalysts and electrodes serve a great purpose for energy storage and harvesting, green hydrogen formation and even sensors for medical devices.

Flower Power Kinetic Sculpture

CEA Liten and Piezotech Arkema -This demonstrator is a kinetic sculpture highlighting the thin form factor and flexibility of printed electronic. In a form of a flower brought alive by piezoelectric actuation and speakers and interacting with public through proximity sensing.