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The OE-A Marketing Group was newly established in 2021 reflecting the growing importance of  marketing related tasks and topics for our industry. The Group supports OE-A members in their marketing efforts and development.

Our goals

The OE-A Working Group Marketing aims to broaden marketing competence among OE-A members and supports the adequation alignment between flexible, organic and printed electronics products and market needs opportunities. The group`s goal is to increase the understanding of marketing concepts and tools for the benefit of the member companies.

Our activities

The Working Group fosters the interaction between technology and marketing professionals and connects the OE-A community closer and faster to market trends. We utilize a range of marketing concepts and tools. We are keen on using interactive formats, new tools, shares best practices and invites marketing experts.

Our focus

Focus is on exchange, open communication and networking. This is to strengthen the role of OE-A and LOPEC as a bridge between technology and marketing trends.

You are interested in the OE-A Working Group Marketing? Please contact:

Isabella Treser

Project Manager

Isabella Treser

Project Manager

Press & Public Relations, Marketing,
Women in PE, Sustainability, Education

+49 69 6603 1896