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Barrier materials and films, e.g. for encapsulation of OLEDs and OPV, remain a challenge, and further standardization efforts are required to qualify encapsulation. The OE-A Working Group Encapsulation addresses several topics relating to the encapsulation of organic electronics.

OE-A Encapsulation

The goal of the OE-A Working Group Encapsulation is to gather the experts in the field, identify red brick walls and define goals, in order to trigger the standards development process. Therefore, the group started round-robin tests to clarify permeation testing, qualify sealant materials and barrier-on-foil materials with optical and electrical, as well as calcium-tests. The focus lies on “Lead Applications and Communication in the Value Chain”, “State-of-the-Art and Roadmap”, as well as “Standardization of Encapsulation Metrology”.

Experimental comparison of high-performance water vapor permeation measurement methods

A standardized measurement for the transport rate of water vapor has been published by G. Nisato and others. Current topics include, among others, the measurement of side diffusion of water vapor through the barrier layer.

You are interested in the OE-A Working Group Encapsulation? Please contact:

Raswanth Sendhil Sasikala

Project Manager

Raswanth Sendhil Sasikala

Project Manager

Roadmap, Hybrid Systems, Fuel Cells
Encapsulation, Sustainability

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