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Hybrid Systems

The OE-A Working Group Hybrid Systems aims to bring together companies, research centers and universities that deal with combination of traditional silicon electronics with printed electronics. This group furthermore works on identifying best practices and competencies, as well as future concepts.

OE-A Hybrid Systems

The combination of printed and classical silicon electronics needs a lot of exchange and interaction between the individual experts from the respective fields. For this purpose, the Working Group Hybrid Systems provides a networking platform where current technologies and solutions are discussed, and development partners can be found. Because future topics are identified interactively, the results of the regular meetings are also fed into the OE-A Roadmap for Organic and Printed Electronics, to support and update it with the most recent advances. The Working Group Hybrid Systems, thus, helps to bridge the gap between functional printing of electronics on flexible substrates and silicon semiconductors on rigid PCBs.

Hybrid Systems Explained

Hybrid systems combine printed and silicon-based components. This is where the best of both worlds is achieved: The high processing power of silicon electronics with the flexible, thin, and lightweight characteristics of organic and printed electronics, enabling a broad range of new applications, such as functionalized films for Film Insert Molding (FIM).

You are interested in the OE-A Working Group Hybrid Systems? Please contact:

Raswanth Sendhil Sasikala

Project Manager

Raswanth Sendhil Sasikala

Project Manager

Roadmap, Hybrid Systems, Fuel Cells
Encapsulation, Sustainability

+49 15121971604