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The OE-A Working Group Roadmap develops the OE-A Roadmap for organic and printed electronics. Based on the work of more than 250 experts, this key publication represents the common perspectives of all OE-A members. The roadmap has become widely recognized by industry, government agencies, and scientists as an important framework and tool for defining what is “state of the art” in organic and printed electronics.

Increasing numbers of printed electronics products are readily available on the market, and many novel applications are evolving from the lab-scale development, to prototyping or early production. It is therefore important to provide up-to-date market and technology information, develop a common opinion about what kind of products, processes and materials will be available and when, and identify the key issues that need to be addressed. These primary functions of the OE-A Roadmap help end-users, developers and funding bodies alike and helps to guide their individual view into a coherent vision. Because printed electronics is a rapidly changing field, the OE-A Roadmap is published regularly and covers the industry from technology to application.

Enabling Technologies

  • Functional Materials
  • Substrate Materials
  • Printing, Coating and Patterning Techniques

Get involved

OE-A is always looking for new experts who would like to contribute to the further development and next version of the OE-A Roadmap. As active member of the project groups you can meet other experts along the entire value chain and take part in the exchange of latest technologies.
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