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Women in Printed Electronics

The OE-A Women in Printed Electronics inititiative raises awareness of the benefits of diversity to the printed electronics industry and beyond.

Printed electronics has already reached many industries and is successful in numerous fields. Nevertheless, there is a great potential for possibilities and innovation waiting to be discovered. The laws of economics and many studies of diversity tell us that if we tapped the entire pool of human resources and talent, our collective performance would improve . It is up to us to demonstrate that diversity enables us to innovate more, better and in a healthier way. Printed electronics also has so much potential because it does not stick to old and “rigid” concepts, but creates new, pioneering products through the cooperation of different disciplines, breaking up all thought patterns. These rigid thought patterns can best be broken by bringing together as many different points of view and impulses as possible. With this discussion we would therefore like to raise awareness of the benefits of diversity to the printed electronics industry and beyond.

Seizing opportunities, breaking the glass ceiling

that we are part of a male-dominated industry. Together with its partners from the OE-A, OPE journal decided to shed light on this issue by interviewing well-known female experts from the PE community: Andrea Glawe from KROENERT, Corinne Versini from Genes’Ink and Sophie Isabel Verstraelen from the OE-A.

For the first time there was a panel discussion at LOPEC which highlighted the topic ‘Women in Printed Electronics’, organized by the OE-A Working Group “Women in PE”. The focus was clearly on how diversity can boost the printed electronics technology and industry, especially in the currently fast changing world.