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Flexible Ultrathin Sensor Tag

This project integrates a platinum/nickel resistive temperature sensor and a gold strain-gauge to measure bending state of the foil. Theoretically, any other low power consumption sensor can be integrated in a sensor-tag. The tag measures ambient temperature and the bending state of the foil. All measured data are transmitted to the smartphone, which displays the measured values on the app.

Purpose / Benefits

  • The sensor system patch is flexible and bendable: adaptable to variable surface shapes (e.g. on skin)
  • The system connects flexible sensors-in-foil with a read-out-circuit: No external measurement gear is necessary. Readout device powers the whole system
  • Usage of NFC: any NFC-capable smartphone can be used to gather data

Organic & Printed Components

  • Organic dielectric

Target Group

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Healthcare (e.g. implants)