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Building Bridges Between Sectors and Continents

Creating the right partnerships is essential to both companies and research institutes. OE-A’s strength lies in its global reach and international presence. By organizing meetings, workshops, and networking events around the world, OE-A and its members seize opportunities in an emerging industry. Besides that, OE-A also organizes seminars, presents and exhibits at various renowned international trade fairs and conferences, and hosts its flagship annual LOPEC event.

Working Groups

In order to build a stronger organic and printed electronics eco system, OE-A covers several important and current topics and issues. Through a number of working groups, OE-A enables and fosters collaboration among all members along the value chain – from research and development to production and integration into final end-products.

By means of discussion and cooperation in the individual working groups, OE-A members are able to gather valuable information, publish research, share best practices, initiate new and innovative developments, further improve existing products and processes, and find solutions to specific challenges.


The OE-A Working Group Roadmap develops the OE-A Roadmap for organic and printed electronics. Based on the work of more than 250 experts, this key publication represents the common perspectives of all OE-A members. The roadmap has become widely recognized by industry, government agencies, and scientists as an important framework and tool for defining what is “state of the art” in organic and printed electronics.


The OE-A Working Group Sustainability aims to identify and understand the sustainability benefits of organic and printed electronics technology, emphasizing its contribution to a sustainable future in an open dialogue with key stake holders, markets, regulators, and wider society.

Hybrid Systems

The OE-A Working Group Hybrid Systems aims to bring together companies, research centers and universities that deal with combination of traditional silicon electronics with printed electronics. This group furthermore works on identifying best practices and competencies, as well as future concepts.

OE-A Competition

The OE-A Competition Working Group illustrates the potential of the organic and printed electronics technology as well as fostering cooperation among its members.


Barrier materials and films, e.g. for encapsulation of OLEDs and OPV, remain a challenge, and further standardization efforts are required to qualify encapsulation. The OE-A Working Group Encapsulation addresses several topics relating to the encapsulation of organic electronics.


The OE-A Working Group Education promotes training and education activities in the field of organic and printed electronics in order to support the OE-A’s mission to build a bridge between academia, science and industry. Its key objective is to encourage international education and training activities in Europe, North America and Asia.

Women in Printed Electronics

The OE-A Women in Printed Electronics inititiative raises awareness of the benefits of diversity to the printed electronics industry and beyond.


The OE-A Marketing Group was newly established in 2021 reflecting the growing importance of  marketing related tasks and topics for our industry. The Group supports OE-A members in their marketing efforts and development.

Printed electronics enables the production of flexible and large-area components and complements silicon electronics. Ultrathin, lightweight, robust and economical to manufacture: these key features distinguish organic and printed electronics from traditional semiconductor technologies.



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