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The OE-A Working Group Education promotes training and education activities in the field of organic and printed electronics in order to support the OE-A’s mission to build a bridge between academia, science and industry. Its key objective is to encourage international education and training activities in Europe, North America and Asia.

OE-A Education

The working groups’ goal is to promote printed electronics at the various educational institutions, the community aims to create a pool of highly-qualified students and employees trained in disciplines relevant to these emerging markets who can be recruited in the future. These activities are conducted in close cooperation with several EC-funded projects.

OE-A Education Platform

The OE-A Working Group Education also started a platform to connect OE-A member companies with students in this field. The company profiles include the respective activities, the options offered (internships, Bachelor or Master theses, or PhD programs), as well as relevant contact persons.

State-of-the-Art University

Another key objective of the Working Group Education is to list the state-of-the-art university activities in the field of large area, organic and printed electronics in Europe, North America and Asia. This will contribute to future steps, such as:

Identifying publicly available courses and needs of the organic and printed electronics industry

Providing information on continuing education on a web portal.

Additional Initiatives

To further support the education of students and young professionals in the field of organic and printed electronics, the OE-A working group Education regularly hosts free seminars and workshops for students and published a book about materials and printing processes, which can be purchased. OE-A members are eligible for a 20% discount.

You are interested in the OE-A Working Group Education? Please contact:

Isabella Treser

Project Manager

Isabella Treser

Project Manager

Press & Public Relations, Marketing,
Women in PE, Sustainability, Education

+49 69 6603 1896