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How to become a member?

OE-A Membership – Here´s what you need to know:
Benefits of a membership
Who can become member?

Companies and institutes active in the area of organic and printed electronics. Machinery and equipment manufacturer located in the geographical area of Europe have to become VDMA member as well.

How much is the membership fee?
No. of employeesAnnual fee
1-91,300 €
10-992,800 €
100-9995,500 €
1,000-9,9998,500 €
10,000 and more13,750 €
Universities550 €
Research Institutes1,700 €
Consultants13,750 €
Can I cancel the membership at any time?

Members are free to resign from the Association at the end of a calendar year by giving six months prior written notice.

What legal documents about the membership are there?
What steps do I have to take to become a member?

Complete the Application Form and return it to

If you have any questions:

Dr. Klaus Hecker
Dr. Klaus Hecker

Managing Director

Dr. Klaus Hecker

Managing Director

+49 69 6603 1336

Karen Strauch


Karen Strauch


Member Services,
Products- and Services Directory

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