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Publicly Funded Project Demonstrator

ECOtronics – Energy autonomous Temperature Logger

VTT and Tampere University – The demonstrator is energy autonomous temperature logger attached to secondary packaging for monitoring quality of packed products during shipment.

Bewell- Wrist Band for Optimized Exercises

VTT, CEA Liten, Varta – A wearable wrist band with two sensing modules around the wrist and a central module for data processing, wireless data communication and user interaction by visual means.

MeDruForm- 3D Electronic Gaming Device

TH Nürnberg – The demonstrator’s objective is an interactive, easily transportable game, which is designed on an attractive free-form surface by means of capacitive buttons.

IMPETUS – Electrochemical Test Strips for Biosensing

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Felix Schoeller Holding GmbH,  Papiertechnische Stiftung, Saralon, Sun Chemical, TU Chemnitz- Pilot line to realise electrochemical paper-based test strips for quantitative biosensing in liquids