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ECOtronics – Energy autonomous Temperature Logger

VTT and Tampere University (Finland)

The demonstrator is energy autonomous temperature logger attached to secondary packaging (hereinafter smart label) for monitoring quality of packed products during shipment. It consists of a printed energy source combining energy harvesting (organic photovoltaics, OPV) and storage (supercapacitor), temperature sensor, NFC connection with printed antenna and circuitry for accessing monitoring data, and informative package design that also protects the smart label during use phase. All materials and processes have been selected for minimal environmental footprint. The energy source is rechargeable i.e. printed OPV is used for energy harvesting and recharging printed supercapacitor.

The smart label and associated package design have been optimized for the best performance, functionality and appearance. An addition, use case scenarios and concepts have been specified. The smart label is attached inside an area that contains embossed edges to protect the label from wear during use. In addition, a mock-up of a mobile application has been designed for the users to receive information – the temperature logging. The package structures differ from standard packages to have a wow-effect -the joy of using the package. The manufacturing has taken into account for example minimum number of adhesive surfaces and the assembly is simple. The graphics of the package are designed to enable versatile use. It can be used as a consumer package of food or even to a food delivery package. The package can be used as a primary package or a secondary package.

Target Group

  • Packaging industry
  • The concept of energy source for energy autonomous monitoring purposes can be easily expanded to other domains outside intelligent packaging, e.g. healthcare, wearable, environmental monitoring, precision agriculture.

Attractiveness of the Product

  • Rechargeable energy source for energy autonomous monitoring purposes with minimized environmental impact.
  • Fully functional device containing functional electric components, package design and converting, as well as end use scenario.
  • The concept of energy source for energy autonomous monitoring purposes can be easily expanded to other domains.

Printed Electronics Components

  • Printed conductive path
  • Printed antenna
  • Printed dielectric/insulator
  • Printed interconnection
  • (Printed) OPV
  • Printed battery

Funding Source

Business Finland