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Winner of the category “Publicly- Funded Project Demonstrator”: SYMPHONY: Energy Autonomous Sensor System for Smart Tires

The energy supply in this system is completely made of printed, recyclable, and non-toxic materials including the ferroelectric polymer P(VDFTrFE), printable Si-based rectifiers, redox polymer batteries and cellulose-based supercapacitors. All components are integrated inside the bicycle tube. Printed piezoelectric P(VDF-TrFE) energy harvesters are used to generate power from the mechanical deformation present in the bicycle tube during cycling. The printed and classical electrical components are integrated on flexible and stretchable.The bicycle tube makes it possible to give the cyclist constant update on tube pressure and temperature, preventing accidents from tire puncture, increasing comfort in cycling.


  • Use mechanical energy to establish self-powered sensor nodes in distributed locations
  • Improve energy efficiency

Organic & Printed components

  • Conductive path
  • Printed interconnection
  • Printed dielectric / insulator
  • Printed electrode
  • Printed piezoelectric elements
  • Printed sensor
  • Printed and spray-coated supercapacitors

Target Group

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Sport