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Winner of the category “Publicly- Funded Project Demonstrator”: Smart Ski

Joanneum Research, Fraunhofer FEP, Tampere University, Varta, VTT  / Austria, Germany, Finland

The Smart2Go project developed the world’s first fully R2R-printed, miniaturized, flexible, and autonomous energy management and supply platform realized in an ultra-thin structure: the maximum height of the final S2G ski demonstrator is 1.4 mm. The smart ski is equipped with an energy-autonomous sensor system that records vibrations while skiing and transmits this data wirelessly. This generates excellent feedback on the behaviour of the ski during skiing itself, which will find its way into many areas of winter sports. As a result, it is now possible to gain completely new insights into the performance of the ski directly during a downhill run. This provides valuable data for both the manufacturers of the skis and their users.


  • Adapt the ski to the individual user
  • Innovative solution for improving hobby athletes as well as professional skiers’ performance with data while skiing collected in real time

Target Group

  • Sport


  • Energy efficiency
  • Adapt to individual user
  • Provides valid data about the movements of the skier himself
  • Provides possibility for athletes to optimize their skiing behavior to increase the overall experience

Printed Electronics Components

  • Conductive path
  • Printed electrode
  • Printed interconnection
  • Printed piezo elements
  • Printed dielectric / insulator
  • Printed OPV

Funding Source

  • H2020 Research & Innovation Action
  • ICT-02-2018: Flexible and Wearable Electronics