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IMPETUS – Electrochemical Test Strips for Biosensing

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Felix Schoeller Holding GmbHPapiertechnische Stiftung, Saralon, Sun Chemical, TU Chemnitz / Austria, Germany, Usa

The IMPETUS demonstrator is based on a fully integrated printed paper-based electrochemical biosensor that directly transfers the measured data to the user’s smartphone . These biosensors are designed as self powered disposable test cards (credit card size) that combine the simplicity of lateral flow tests with quantitative readout, which is enabled by the implemented electrochemical detection method. As an application example, the IMPETUS demonstrator will fulfill the consumer need for fast and inexpensive point-of-care discrimination between bacterial and viral infections.


  • Combine paper, printing and microchip technologies to realize a pilot line
  • Combine the simplicity of lateral flow tests with quantitative readout
  • Enable the integration of conductive tracks, microfluidics, biosensor, and chip mounting

Target Group

  • Healthcare
  • Point-of-care in-vitro immunodiagnostics


  • Increased diagnostic value for the quantification of body inflammatory markers.
  • High applicability for rapid blood testing at doctor’s practices as compared to state-of-the-art systems
  • NFC connectivity
  • Short time to result (<15 min)
  • Low price
  • Small biosensor system size (credit card size) and small sample volumes

Printed Electronics Components

  • Conductive path
  • Printed interconnection
  • Printed sensor
  • Printed antenna
  • Printed electrode
  • Printed battery

Funding Source

  • European Commission H2020