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Prototypes & New Products

Biodegradable RFID Antenna

Smooth & Sharp – ISO certified biodegradable RFID antenna using eco-friendly Printed Electronic manufacturing technology, DOP, Direct On Paper RFID.

Printed NFC Biosensor

Smooth & Sharp – An NFC Biosensor Test Stripe made with reel-to-reel hybrid electronics on the same substrate

Luminous Packaging

Normandy Coating – Illuminate the name of a perfume brand on the lid of the packaging box by offering the greenest possible solution by reducing the number of components.

Transparent Heater for Car Interior

InnovationLab GmbH – The demo represents the surface of an arm-rest in a car with additional features for lighting as well as heating.

Interactive HMI

CENTI – Functional and interactive properties in automotive components through IMD technique in overmolding processes

Future Door Panel

An innovative door panel integrating different illumination systems, touch sensors and haptic feedback devices

SenseBreath- Respiratory Sensor Mask

Centi – The SenseBreath demonstrator is a device for monitoring the respiratory rhythm in work environments, using protective masks. The integration of disposable sensors into the masks offers a practical and effective solution for monitoring the respiratory rate of its users, providing information that could serve as an indicator of a possible pulmonary infection. The information is sent via Bluetooth, increasing user comfort due to the reduction in the number of connections and ease of data analysis. Given the nature of this device, its applicability can be extended to different disease types that require control of breathing.