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Prototypes & New Products

Monitoring System for Battery Cells

CENTI, Portugal Printed temperature and deformationsensors, whichcanbeusedto monitor batterystate-of-health. Due toverylowthickness and processscalability, thesesensorscanbeusedfor individual cellmonitoring, whichis not feasiblewith traditional sensorsbecauseoftheirbulkynature and highercost. The main… Read More »Monitoring System for Battery Cells

Biodegradable RFID Antenna

Smooth & Sharp – ISO certified biodegradable RFID antenna using eco-friendly Printed Electronic manufacturing technology, DOP, Direct On Paper RFID.

Printed NFC Biosensor

Smooth & Sharp – An NFC Biosensor Test Stripe made with reel-to-reel hybrid electronics on the same substrate

Luminous Packaging

Normandy Coating – Illuminate the name of a perfume brand on the lid of the packaging box by offering the greenest possible solution by reducing the number of components.

Transparent Heater for Car Interior

InnovationLab GmbH – The demo represents the surface of an arm-rest in a car with additional features for lighting as well as heating.