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Prototypes & New Products

Transparent Capacitive Switch

Sun Chemical and E2IP – Transparent capacitive switch demonstrator showcases the ability of Sun Chemical’s newest silver conductive ink to deliver <40 um resolution transparent metal mesh electrodes. The capability to screen-print fine-line silver mesh electrodes allows for reduced number of printing steps and less complex assembly of capacitive switch circuits.

Automated Stock Replenishment System

InnovationLab GmbH – The demonstrator is an innovative logistic system based on printed, organic sensor matrices developed by InnovationLab and is used in customer warehouse applications in order to automate stock replenishment of products.

Sensing Leg Prosthesis

IEE – This leg prosthesis helps people to feel every step and tackles the problem of phantom pain with a sensing surface facilitated by a sensor foil integrated in a sock that is imposed to the artificial foot. It creates a better control of movements and provides feedback which helps those affected to feel the ground and the sense of touch reduces phantom pains.

Flexible Organic Solar Film

Heliatek – This flexible organic solar film has a dimension of 645×2000 mm showing different possible formats of organic solar films. With such a large film, even bigger surfaces of rooftops and facades, of non-strain shapes or non-penetrable materials can be covered with one solar film.

Microcurrent Patch for Electrotherapy

Enfucell – A fully printed electrotherapy patch has been developed. It is utilizing a well-known microcurrent treatment method for relieving neuropathic pain, such as headache. The patch is flexible, effective, hygienic, and convenient to use.

SenseBreath- Respiratory Sensor Mask

Centi – The SenseBreath demonstrator is a device for monitoring the respiratory rhythm in work environments, using protective masks. The integration of disposable sensors into the masks offers a practical and effective solution for monitoring the respiratory rate of its users, providing information that could serve as an indicator of a possible pulmonary infection. The information is sent via Bluetooth, increasing user comfort due to the reduction in the number of connections and ease of data analysis. Given the nature of this device, its applicability can be extended to different disease types that require control of breathing.