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Muscle Sensor for Exoskeletons

The demo represents the functionality of the sensors in recognizing when to activate the exoskeleton to offer support to the user. It consist of three parts:

  • The smart wireless armband that is used in the exoskeleton, integrated with plyon®’s multi-taxel of 7 active sensing areas, which process inputs from the muscles’ contraction and expansion. It also incorporates the seamlessly integrated force concentrator.
  • Electronics flashed with Agade‘s Machine Learning model to read out the sensor‘s data output Screen for data visualisation: activation of different arm muscles

Purpose / Benefits

  • Provide muscular assistance for workers during manual handling and picking tasks
  • Show how the sensors can recognize which muscles are activated during which action and how this output can be used with a Machine Learning model to improve ergonomics, reduce stress on the worker’s shoulders and improve occupational safety
  • It also highlights plyon®’s True Zero feature, which empowers the sensors to not show any signal when bended/wrapped around the arm, until physically actuated

Organic & Printed Components

  • Printed sensor

Target Group

  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Retailing