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Biodegradable RFID Antenna

Smooth & Sharp, Taiwan

By using ECO friendly Printed Electronic manufacturing technology, DOP, Direct On Paper RFID antenna provides an alternative sustainable solution for RFID label production. Specially in disposable application, the biodegradable RFID label is designed to be used just one time in its short product service life. DOP, Direct On Paper RFID label, is made with additive manufacturing and there is no chemical toxic process during production leaving no plastic waste after using. The RFID label with DOP antenna can reach 10 meter read range and consists of three layers, namely facestock, adhesive and antenna + chip.


  • To avoid plastic wastes and chemical etching pollution with the incresing volume of one-time-use RFID label
  • To provide an alternative sustainable solution for RFID label production

Target Group

  • Logistics
  • Smart Home
  • Packaging
  • IOT

Printed Electronics Components

  • Conductive path
  • Printed interconnection
  • Printed adhesive
  • Printed antenna