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Roadmap Download

The OE-A Roadmap is one of the key activities of the OE-A. It represents the common perspective of OE-A members on the current state of printed electronics, based on the work of more than 250 experts. The OE-A Roadmap also gives short-, medium-,and long-term forecasts on where the industry is headed. Roadmapping is an ongoing process within the OE-A.

8th OE-A Roadmap White Paper for members (2020)

The Roadmap is complimentary for all OE-A members. OE-A members obtain their free Roadmap edition by emailing to our member service An OE-A colleague will get back to you accordingly.

8th OE-A Roadmap White Paper for non-members

Non-members can purchase the latest edition of the Roadmap and find information on obtaining the OE-A Roadmap White Paper here.