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OE-A members from all around the globe are working together to promote the establishment of a competitive production infrastructure for organic and printed electronics (Picture: ©Jazper - Fotolia)

Take a Look into the Future: OE-A Roadmap for Organic and Printed Electronics

The OE-A Roadmap provides an important foundation for the development and product planning for industry, research institutions and politics. It is based on the work of more than 250 experts (Picture: ©eyetronic-Fotolia)

OPV Solar Trees @ World Expo 2015 in Milan

OPV technology is impressively presented at the intelligently designed German Pavilion during Expo 2015 in Milan. Solar modules are placed on the pavilion’s membrane roofs to harvest energy during the day, which is used to illuminate the pavilion at night.

Organic and Printed Electronics Products

OLED lighting, automotive center stack with touch controls, NFC beverage smart label, flexible OPV for energy autonomous air domes, curved OLED TV, smart blister pack. (Acuity Brands Canvis™, Kurz/PolyIC, Thin Film Electronics ASA, Heliatek, LG, Messe München)

Animated Cartoon: What is Printed Electronics?

Our animated cartoon explains in less than 100 seconds how printed electronics work and what their application sectors are in simple, clear-cut terms. Simply click on the picture and enjoy!

OE-A Roadmap 7th Edition


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7th Edition of the OE-A Roadmap White Paper shows trends and challenges of printed electronics.

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OE-A Brochure 7th Edition


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New OE-A Brochure with an integrated NFC tag.

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