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Flexible & OLED Displays

Displays are currently the largest addressable market for flexible, organic and printed electronics. Besides the well-established LCD technology, OLED displays have gained considerable market share in recent years, being utilized, e.g. in smartphones, notebooks and TVs. Flexible OLED displays have been realized and as such foldable smartphones are now available on the market and even a rollable OLED TV could be realized. Besides flexible OLED displays, flexible and conformable organic LCD (OLCD) displays based on a low temperature OTFT technology have been demonstrated.

Implementation examples

© Lyteus

Head-up display

Transparent OLED displays enable the integration of head-up displays directly into car windows. This helps to provide more information to the driver, without traffic.

© Samsung

Head-up display

OLEDs for handheld devices, and mobile phones with foldable displays. The flexible capabilities of OLED displays has also been used to create a borderless display by bending the display around the edge of the mobile phone.

© LG

Rollable OLED Display

Here a 65” rollable OLED TV by LG screen is shown. It can be rolled up and hidden when not in use, and its small size when rolled up means that it can be more easily moved and stored, allowing for better space utilization. Several other folded display applications are available at small size.