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Throwback to OE-A Meeting in Echternach, Luxembourg

More than 120 representatives of the Printed Electronics Industry attended the OE-A Meeting hosted by IEE in Echternach, September 19 and 20.

In the lovely city of Echternach in Luxembourg, the Printed Electronics community met for two days, and made this meeting a succesfull PE happening!

A huge Thank you to IEE and Dr. Alain Schumacher, CTO IEE and Vice Chair OE-A, for hosting the fall edition of the OE-A Meeting in Echternach, Luxembourg. We have welcomed well over 120 guests from more than 10 countries at the meeting in Luxembourg.

We jumped right into the end-user perspective with Romain Hansen from GoodYear. According to the special topic “Flexible and Printed Electronics for the next generation of mobility” the meeting focus was on the development in the mobility technology and mobility technology ecosystem. “How can Intelligent tyres bring important information to the car and the driver?” was one of the many questions discussed. Lively discussion afterwards about the future of mobility.

The community was very impressed by the company tour to IEE in Echternach and its print shop, where the attendees where able to see parts of the production process of sensors from the IEE product portfolio. IEE’s products range from printed electronics to sophisticated car interior technologies that announce the vehicle of the future, including sensors for IoT based devices.

Next to Mobility, Health Tech was a focus of the meeting. Dr. Bernd Grimm, Luxemburgish Health Institute (LHI) (LU), explained the new opportunities in (orthopaedic) rehabilitation with printed sensors with a focus on in-shoe wearables.


1 Many roads lead to… Echternach. Participants enjoyed the old part of Echternach during the city rallye . 2 The break out session of the Working Group Education presented the Student Open Innovation Challenge powered by Henkel and OE-A. 3 Workshop of the EU Project UNICORN on Green and Functional Electronics for Mobility. 4 The break out session Encapsulation invited Naveen Balla from Hammatsu to talk abour lasser processes for encapsulation. 5 How Diversity enhances the team performance was discussed by a Panel during the session Women in Printed Electronics and Diversity. 6 A toast to the OE-A Community. 7 In the Hybrid Systems session Dr Volker Zöllmer talked about material development for Printed Battery cells and multi-layer printing with Dr. Philip Renners from WItte. 8 Marc Jacobs from Molecular Plasma Group took us to a journey finding the right market for a new ground-breaking technology.

This OE-A’s Meeting 2023 hosted by IEE was very fruitful and we are look into a promising future for the application of printed electronics in Mobility, Health and beyond. See you in Munich for the next OE-A Meeting, March 04!