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ROSA – Wearable for Stress and Emotion Recognition

Quad Industries (Belgium)

The demonstrator is a market-ready electrode patch to measure skin conductance on the foot of a client with a severe intellectual disability or late stage dementia. This patch is a key enabler for the HUME, which is a streaming software platform for real-time stress detection, based physiological parameters and artificial intelligence models. One of the key physiological parameters for stress detection is skin conductance.

The HUME is an emotion recognition platform based on wearables, behavioral models and machine learning. Different sensors measure physiological characteristics such as heart rate, skin conduction and activity. This information is converted into usable information in the HUME database by means of behavioral models. The HUME keeps an eye on a client at any time, it also notices under alertedness. In case of too long periods of under-stimulation, the caregiver will be warned so that it will have no effect on day and night behavior and the client has enough excites during the day to sleep well at night.

Features of the HUME are: Early warning in case of escalation, diagnostic function, effect measurement and
warning of under alertness.

Target Group

  • Healthcare ( stimulus processing autism, aggression recognition in prisoners and post)

Attractiveness of the Product

  • Wearable should integrate with the daily life and habits of the clients.
  • Ultra-thin, breathable TPU substrate provides optimal user comfort through stretching.
  • Material set enables maximal ease of use and comfort for the user.
  • Societal impact: Early warning of stress will reduce the amount of escalations and will reduce physical damage and drop-out of care professionals / reduce the amount of sick leave.
  • Opportunities to scale the product to a larger market or market share.

Printed Electronics Components

  • Printed conductive path
  • Printed interconnection
  • Pressure sensor
  • Printed electrode
  • Printed dielectric / insulator

Funding Source