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OE-A’s new vision and mission statement

Flexible, organic and printed electronics has now established itself as a competitive growth industry that offers new applications and opportunities for numerous industries. This innovative technology has by now reached mass production and is set to further expand. In order to take this industry to the next level and meet the following steps, OE-A has revised its vision and mission statement as well as developed a set of values. With these OE-A would like to indicate what direction we are aiming for as well as what our desires and intent are for our association. As the world has become more complex and is changing at a rapid speed, our playground has altered. These factors have also been taken into account while working on OE-A’s strategy. 


Flexible, organic and printed electronics are widely implemented for the benefit and value of society and industry. 

The collective knowledge and perspective of OE-A provides a compass for new products, applications, and opportunities driven by flexible, organic and printed electronics. Our broad, international network – representing the entire value chain – brings innovations to the market, promoting sustainable development of both economy and society, supported by a strong foundation of active research and development.  


OE-A facilitates an international network, fosters and advocates the flexible, organic and printed electronics community, and seeks cooperation with other markets and technical communities.

OE-A fosters collaboration and promotes information exchange among all international participants along the entire value chain, with a special focus on connecting with end-users. We project the industry’s growth, providing a forecast for the main application areas and technologies and identify hurdles yet to be overcome. We define R&D funding programs as well as support and coordinate industrial R&D, providing demonstrations of various application possibilities. The development of education and training programs that meet the industry’s needs creates opportunities for new experts. OE-A supports international standardization processes, and dedicated guidelines for device characterization and testing methods. We promote our members and technologies via a multitude of media outlets and organization, participating and organizing international events. OE-A represents the industry and its interests at national and regional governments, as well as within bodies of the European Commission.


OE-A’s core values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world. We strive to uphold these in all aspects of our function: 

  • Respectful – we treat each other and our communities with sincerity, and recognize that it is our differences which make us stronger.
  • Collaborative – we are working together with various stakeholders from different sectors to exchange information, ideas, and lessons learned.
  • Committed – we are working hard to achieve our goals and feel responsible for our (in)actions. We are always looking ahead, but also reflect back to learn from our outcomes.
  • Focused – we know exactly what we want and aim to reach our target to meet the needs of our members and industry. With our world view, we get out into the market and listen, observe as well as learn.
  • Integrative – we are on top of the latest developments and innovations in our field and are including a wide range of sectors.
  • Adaptive – in order to work smart we work efficiently and remain responsive to change. We have the courage to change course when necessary and we continue to improve ourselves.

The OE-A values a culture that is open, creative, fun, passionate, and inclusive for our members and the community.

For more information, please visit the page ‘Who is OE-A’ or contact