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OE-A Roadmap presented to European Commission

Representing over 200 international OE-A members, this White Paper helps shaping Horizon Europe.

During an online meeting on July 8, OE-A officially handed over the new OE-A Roadmap White Paper 8th edition to the European Commission (EC). Dr. Alain Schumacher, Vice Chair Europe of the OE-A board of directors and CTO at IEE SA, presented the recent status of the flexible, organic and printed electronics industry for applications in automotive, medical and consumer electronics. He highlighted opportunities as well as challenges and presented recommendations on how to foster functional electronics and strengthen the position of Europe in this field. Flexible and printed electronics can make a significant contribution to “green” electronics and a circular economy in the future.

Dr. Collette Maloney, Head of Unit A3: Competitive Electronics Industry, European Commission (EC) / DG CONNECT, thanked OE-A for its efforts to bring the industry together and elaborating a roadmap as a review and outlook for the upcoming years. The OE-A Roadmap is an important document for the EC and gives relevant input to the preparation of the Horizon Europe program.

Dr. Klaus Hecker, Managing director OE-A: “It is our target to widely implement flexible, organic and printed electronics for the benefit and value of society and industry. The cooperation with the EC and a long-term strategy of the EC to provide competitive boundary conditions for the developers and producers are important for the sustainable development of our industry.”

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