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OE-A at ICFPE 2023, China 

The International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics (ICFPE) took place from October 26-27, 2023, in Chengdu, China. The conference is hosted by Flexible Electronics Industry Development Alliance (FEIDA).

OE-A session

All presentations available for download at the OE-E member area my.OE-A.

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Meet us at the OE-A exhibition booth at D.01. Learn more about OE-A, the international network, our various services, and the new OE-A Roadmap at the OE-A booth.

Flexible and Printed Electronics: New Technologies and Applications presented by OE A on October 26, 2023, 2:30 PM to 5:30PM

As a partner of ICFPE, OE-A is organizing a Conference Session on ‘Flexible and Printed Electronics’. The OE-A session will address a variety of aspects and applications of flexible and printed electronics, such as Automotive, Displays, Sensors, OPV, Energy Storage, Internet of Things, Healthcare, Materials and Processes as well as Production Technologies.  


Moderation by Dr. Klaus Hecker, Managing Director, OE-A

  • 14:30 h Optically Clear UV-curable Antistatic Hardcoats and Smart 
    Textile Electrodes with Innovative Conductive Polymer  
    Jacky Huang, Technical Sales Manager, Heraeus (TW) 
  • 14:55 h Electroactive Polymers for next electronics 
    Jeremy Ka, General Manager Asia Pacific, Arkema-Piezotech (TW) 
  • 15:20 h OFF THE ROLL / Production Technologies for Flexible  
    Osborn Wong, Sales Manager Asia Pacific, db-matik (HK)
  • 15:45 h Machine and Process Technology for Large Area OPE 
    Xin Lu, General Manager Efforts Technology, KROENERT (CN)  
  • 16:10 h Directly Printed Flexible and Stretchable Electronics via StarJet 
    Molten Metal Printing 
    Dr. Zhe Shu, Head of Group Printing Systems and Processes,  
    Hahn-Schickard (DE) 
  • 16:35 h The Latest Update of Flexible Printed OLED TV Display 
    Dr. James Lee, Deputy Chief Engineer R&D,  
    TCL Corporate Research / Guangdong Juhua Printing (CN) 
  • 17:00 h High-density, Superior-performance and Large-scale TFT-based 
    Optical/ Pressure/Biosensors   
    Dr. Linrun Feng, Founder & CEO, LinkZill (CN) 
  • 17:30 h End 

For Details on the event, please check out the conference handbook and the OE-A Session programme.