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From March 16 onwards the OE-A General Assembly will take place online.
OE-A represents Printed Electronics at the world’s largest trade fair for sports business on February 2nd.
Special Topic: Consumer Electronics - Register by January 19
OE-A Business Climate Survey: Sales decline of 20 percent predicted for 2020 and partial recovery expected for 2021
Bertrand Fillon, CEA-Liten is honored with the title of OE-A Fellow.
Special Topic: Healthcare – Took place November 05, 2020
Attend the online OE-A seminar and visit the digital OE-A/LOPEC booth
Special Topic: Internet of Things- Took place September 17, 2020.
OE-A Meeting (online) took place on October 13 – 14, 27 & November 19
Special Topic: Diversity in Tech- took place August 26, 2020.
Representing over 200 international OE-A members, this White Paper helps shaping Horizon Europe.
Special Topic: Smart Packaging- took place on August 05, 2020.
Special Topic: Smart Buildings - took place on June 22, 2020
Updated vision, mission, and values reflect the next developments of the flexible, organic and printed electronics industry
OE-A expands its services by offering an online ‘Printed Electronics Insights’ Web-Seminar series, in order for you to stay up to date on the latest flexible and printed electronics developments from any place you are currently based.
OE-A members indicate a significant loss in orders, a delay in investments and suffer from supply chain disruptions.
New ideas, prototypes and designs related to flexible, organic and printed electronics are what the OE-A is looking for with its annual competition. Apply now!
The new OE-A Roadmap shows how flexible electronics enables innovations in the most important industries worldwide
Competition promotes further development of flexible electronics
Developments concerning Coronavirus closely monitored - Providing members specific information on legal and insurance-related issues.
OE-A Business Climate Survey: Revenue growth of 8 percent forecasted for 2020, effects of the Coronavirus not yet assessable.
Seizing opportunities, breaking the glass ceiling
A day filled with printed electronics and company tours to Siemens and T-Systems
The exhibits of the OE-A Competition 2020, the new OE-A Roadmap and the current business climate survey show the state of the art in flexible electronics at LOPEC 2020.
Learn how to print and characterize batteries on March 24, 2020 in Munich (DE)
Printed Electronics represented at the world’s largest trade fair for sports business on January 28
Visit the joint pavilion and attend the OE-A conference track on January 6-10, 2020 in Las Vegas, USA
Hosted by Jabil at the Blue Sky Innovation Center, San Jose, CA on November 19
In an exclusive interview with OPE journal, Sophie Isabel Verstraelen, project manager at OE-A, presents the goals and current projects of the association’s Working Group Sustainability
OE-A co-hosts 5E Workshop in Frankfurt (DE) to represent the printed electronics industry on December 2. Other workshops will take place in Helsinki (FI) on November 20-21.
Attend OE-A’s seminar series on Smart Living & Future of Mobility and visit our exhibition booth on November 12-15 in Munich, Germany
Next OE-A Meeting Europe taking place at VDMA in Frankfurt am Main (DE) on October 28-29
OE-A representing the printed electronics industry in Brussels on October 22-23
Attend OutDoor by ISPO on 30 June to 3 July in Munich, Germany
New ideas, prototypes and designs related to organic and printed electronics are what the OE-A is looking for with its annual competition. Following the huge success during past LOPECs, the OE-A has once again launched its OE-A competition. Apply now!
Next OE-A Meeting Europe taking place in Barcelona (ES) on June 12-13
State-of-the-art printed electronics products as well as start-up companies were offered a platform to promote the continuous development of the technology of the future.
New OE-A board represents the entire value chain of organic and printed electronics.
OE-A business climate survey published at LOPEC 2019
Participants of the “OE-A Competition 2019” show the many possibilities of organic and printed electronics with creative new ideas, prototypes, and fresh designs.
During OE-A’s Annual General Assembly and Meeting on March 18, OE-A members will visit IBM Watson IoT Headquarter
Visit the Demo Line at LOPEC 2019 and take an electronic dice with you
Printed Electronics represented at world's biggest sporting goods trade fair on February 4
Learn how to print and characterize diodes on March 19, 2019 in Munich (DE)
Joint OE-A & LOPEC stand and OE-A presentation in Cambridge, UK on January 22-23, 2019
Organized by MasarPrint, Dubai Media Inc. and OE-A in Dubai, UA on January 29-30, 2019
Workshop on connecting printed electronics and the aviation industry on December 10-11 in Hamburg, Germany
FPE Journal from IOP Publishing is the official academic journal endorsed by the OE-A
For OE-A members the growth trend of this international industry remains stable
Visit the joint pavilion and attend the OE-A conference track on January 9-12, 2019 in Las Vegas, USA
OE-A exhibition and sessions in Munich, Germany at November 13-16
Attend OE-A Meeting in Aix en Provence, France on October 23-24
A guiding document for the TOLAE industry on regulations, directives and standards
Special session on “New Applications of Flexible and Printed Electronics”, Changzhou, China
Revolutionizing Industry 4.0 through printed electronics
New ideas, prototypes and designs related to organic and printed electronics are what the OE-A is looking for with its annual competition. Following the huge success during past LOPECs, the OE-A has once again launched its OE-A competition. Apply now!
OE-A members represented the printed electronics industry at Rapid TCT in Fort Worth, TX, US
OE-A and University of Applied Sciences Munich successfully organized a Printed Electronics Hands-on Workshop
Special merits, innovative ideas and start-up companies were all offered a platform at LOPEC 2018 to promote the continuous development of the international market for organic and printed electronics.
Apply by June 12 to fund your innovative printed electronics project.
Positive outlook from OE-A members on the expansion of organic and printed electronics along the entire value chain.
Presenting the vision of the European photonics community for 2030, the report outlines the great challenges facing Europe and the world.


LOPEC 2021 will take place online due to the expected continuing worldwide travel restrictions.
Register for the LOPEC Web-Seminar on July 16
Due to the increasing spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Europe and based on the recommendation of the Bavarian State Government for trade fairs, Messe München feels compelled to cancel LOPEC 2020 in responsibility for the health of exhibitors and visitors.
Printed electronics in 3D, also known as 3D structural electronics, equip all kinds of objects with additional electronic functions. Lopec 2020 will provide information about production processes, applications and the potential of the technology.
In addition to new materials and machines for the printing of electrical components, market-ready applications are increasingly moving into focus. LOPEC 2020 shows the current state of research and development of foldable and rollable displays.
Printed electronics is revolutionizing medicine. LOPEC 2020 will present new developments from this area. A conversation with LOPEC plenary speaker John A. Rogers about monitoring systems and other flexible electronic devices.
Whether e-mobility or autonomous driving: In times of change, the automotive industry relies on printed electronics. LOPEC 2020 will provide many innovative concepts for this industry.
LOPEC 2020 shows how the next generation solar cells are conquering the building industry.
Fitness trackers, smart pharmaceutical packaging, adhesive solar films or steplessly dimmable windows: These are just a few examples of the applications that will be combined under the new LOPEC focus topic Smart Living.
Submit your abstract by October 25 to take part in LOPEC 2020, the international event on organic, flexible and printed electronics.
Sensors for medical applications, smart textiles and OLEDs for the automotive industry: numerous industries rely on printed and flexible electronics in their innovation process.
LOPEC 2019 will take place in Munich from March 19 to 21. Visitors can expect an inspiring supporting program at the International Exhibition and Conference for the Printed Electronics Industry.
In just a few weeks, LOPEC, the International Exhibition and Conference for the Printed Electronics Industry, will open its gates. From March 19 to 21, companies and research institutes from all over the world will be presenting their innovations along the entire value chain.
With its three-day Conference, LOPEC, the international exhibition for printed electronics, is bridging the gap between science and industry.
Low weight, no need for cables and highly automated manufacturing of fully customized components: Printed electronics offers many advantages for the aviation industry.
Fashion designers are expanding their range to include printed electronics. They design innovative garments that are not only beautiful and comfortable, but also think for themselves. Visitors of LOPEC 2019 will experience what is already possible today and how e-textiles are going to enrich our everyday lives in the future.
From ultra-thin sensors that monitor body functions to lab-on-a-chip for quick tests at the patient’s bedside: Printed electronic components expand the possibilities of medical diagnostics.
Whether it is sensors, lights or displays: More and more electronic components in the automotive sector are being printed. And there are no limits to the design. LOPEC 2019 will inform you about these new developments and trends.
At electronica, LOPEC and OE-A present the current state of printed electronics.
When pharmaceutical packages sound an alarm or food cartons measure the temperature, printed electronics are involved. LOPEC will provide information about next generation packaging from March 19 to 21, 2019.
Present your current business models, innovative developments or research results at the LOPEC Conference 2019 – the world’s leading communication platform for organic and printed electronics - March 19-21, 2019 in Munich, Germany.
From OLEDs to intelligent packaging: From March 13 to 15, LOPEC in Munich (Germany) showcased groundbreaking developments in flexible electronics.
Fascinating new developments from the world of printed electronics, the technology’s possibilities in the healthcare sector, or experiencing the production process of NFC-powered LEDs.
In addition to new printing materials and machines, exhibitors from all over the world will showcase numerous prototypes and commercial products with printed electronic components.
10th edition of LOPEC Conference includes more than 180 presentations from well-known international scientists and representatives from companies, such as IKEA, Jaguar Land Rover and SAP.
VTT Finland illustrates the potential of printed sensors in the medical field at LOPEC 2018
10th LOPEC in Munich, Germany, in March 2018
10th LOPEC in Munich, Germany, in March 2018
More and more fashion designers are including printed electronic elements into their collections. Smart clothing is another topic at LOPEC 2018.
The possibilities opened up by printed electronics for electronic manufacturers will be a topic at the Innovation Forum of productronica, the world’s leading trade fair for electronics development and production.
Printed electronics and 3D-printing systems are coming together and enabling new applications. The current state of this technology and its potential are a hot topic at LOPEC 2018, March 13 -15.
The global market for intelligent packaging with printed electronic components is growing rapidly.
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