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Making Things Intelligent: Smart Objects

This fall meeting of the OE-A will be held digital. Join us for a vibrant online meeting together with OE-A members from Europe, Asia, Africa and Americas. 

Flexible, Organic and Printed Electronics is increasingly facilitating the integration of intelligent functionality into items, transforming them into smart objects. A variety of new applications has been enabled, finding their way into key industry sectors like e.g. automotive, healthcare or packaging and offering solutions for the Internet of Things.

Learn from end-users about the challenges and requirements as well as the potential of smart feature integration into final products for IoT and packaging. Furthermore, experts from OE-A members will share valuable knowledge about applications and technologies, all aligned to the special topic ‘Smart Objects’.   

Agility, New Work, or new  approaches how to organize innovation in your company – inspirational talks by external experts give additional food for thought. Also, the OE-A working groups Encapsulation and Sustainability as well as Women in Printed Electronics will meet to exchange ideas and knowledge during the OE-A Meeting that takes place as an online event on October 13 – 14, 2020. On October 27 the working group Hybrid Systems will meet and on November 19 the working group Education. The 2-day program is organized modular so you can participate in the meeting no matter the time zone your are in.

Creating the right partnerships is essential, both between different companies as well as between companies and research institutes. With regular OE-A Meetings, OE-A supports its members with an effective networking and communication platform, fostering collaboration and promoting information exchange among all players along the value chain.

Key information

  • Event: OE-A Meeting (online)
  • Special Topic: Smart Objects
  • Dates: October 13 – 14, 27 & November 19, 2020 
  • Location: Online

This global online meeting replaces our physical events initially planned for Q4 2020, in Europe, Asia and North America. These meetings will be held in 2021. For an updated overview, have a look at our event calendar.

Interested in participating? Please contact