Take off with printed electronics – Interview with Airbus
Low weight, no need for cables and highly automated manufacturing of fully customized components: Printed electronics offers many advantages for the aviation industry.
OE-A members meet in Munich, Germany to discuss latest developments in the organic and printed electronics industry
During OE-A’s Annual General Assembly and Meeting on March 18, OE-A members will visit IBM Watson IoT Headquarter
Experience the manufacturing process of printed electronics in real life
Visit the Demo Line at LOPEC 2019 and take an electronic dice with you
Smart clothing: Multifunctional thanks to printed electronics
Fashion designers are expanding their range to include printed electronics. They design innovative garments that are not only beautiful and comfortable, but also think for themselves. Visitors of LOPEC 2019 will experience what is already possible today and how e-textiles are going to enrich our everyday lives in the future.
OE-A at ISPO 2019: Flexible and Printed Electronics for Electrifying Sportswear
Printed Electronics represented at world's biggest sporting goods trade fair on February 4
Printed electronics: A revolution in diagnostics
From ultra-thin sensors that monitor body functions to lab-on-a-chip for quick tests at the patient’s bedside: Printed electronic components expand the possibilities of medical diagnostics.
Free of charge hands-on Workshop for students
Learn how to print and characterize diodes on March 19, 2019 in Munich (DE)
OE-A Presents its Initiative on Sustainability at innoLAE 2019
Joint OE-A & LOPEC stand and OE-A presentation in Cambridge, UK on January 22-23, 2019
Conference on Organic and Printed Electronics in Dubai
Organized by MasarPrint, Dubai Media Inc. and OE-A in Dubai, UA on January 29-30, 2019

Printed Electronics
Printed electronics enables the production of flexible and large-area components and complements silicon electronics. Ultrathin, lightweight, robust and economical to manufacture: these key features distinguish organic and printed electronics from traditional semiconductor technologies.
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Printed Electronics explained in a minute