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Call for Action: Let’s make a movie together

The OE-A Working Group “Women in Printed Electronics” would like to make a short movie. With your support we would like to present women in technical professions- the more the merrier. The short movie can help to raise awareness of the positive impact of diversity on the printed electronics industry and encourage and support women in technical studies and jobs. 

It is up to us to demonstrate that diversity enables us to innovate more, better and in a healthier way. Printed electronics also has so much potential because it does not stick to old and “rigid” concepts, but creates new, pioneering products through the cooperation of different disciplines, breaking up all thought patterns.

Some Questions as inspiration 
Here are some questions as a first inspiration, which can help to find an idea what to show in the short clip:

  • What do you love most about your job?
  • What is your day like as women in PE?
  • What is your day like as women in PE?

Please support our idea with: 

  • Short clips of you doing your job in Tech
  • Short clips showing you with “your” product 
  • Photos of you are welcome, too 
  • Audio/Soundbites are wanted
  • Clips no longer than 60 seconds
  • Technical specifications: mobile phone videos in full HD and landscape

OE-A will gather your clips and compile them to one short movie. This movie will be used by the OE-A and the community for social media and shown at events, in education and on websites. We are glad to receive your contribution by Email, WeTransfer etc., until September 01, 2021. Please fill in attached document giving us a short summary of your clip as well as transferring the image rights .

If you have any questions with regards to the content, please contact .