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Bringing experts together to form a joint vision on the three Electronics Areas for the Horizon Europe programme

OE-A co-hosts 5E Workshop in Frankfurt (DE) to represent the printed electronics industry on December 2. Other workshops will take place in Helsinki (FI) on November 20-21.

OE-A cooperates with the European Commission (EC) and EC projects to define a common vision for the printed electronics industry. One of these projects is the 5E project.

The 5E project will underpin digitization and support specifically the European electronics industry in seizing opportunities by federating – not merging – the three European electronics ecosystems: Nanoelectronics, Electronic Smart Systems, and Flexible and Wearable Electronics. The 5E project is organizing various workshops which serve to prepare the new funding framework program Horizon Europe, the next programme for research and innovation to follow the current Horizon 2020

You can have a voice in setting up the vision for the European Electronics Ecosystems Convergence by taking part in one of the upcoming workshops.

5E Workshop #2 – Frankfurt (DE), December 2
On Monday, December 2, 2019 OE-A will co-host the second 5E Workshop on Setting up the Vision for European Electronics Ecosystems Convergence. Taking place from 13:00-17:00h at VDMA in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. This workshop will primarily target experts from the community of flexible & wearable electronics. 

We need your help to evaluate opportunities that will benefit from the combined expertise of the Nanoelectronics, Flexible and Wearable Electronics and Electronic Smart Systems communities. Attend, share your expertise, and make sure that printed electronics remains high on the agenda.

Registration is now open.

5E Workshop #1 – Helsinki (FI), November 21
On Thursday, November 21, the first 5E Workshop will take place in Helsinki, Finland at EFECS 2019, the international forum with a focus on ‘Our Digital Future’ along the Electronic Components and Systems value chain in Europe. 

Registration is now open.

ECS-SRA Workshop – Helsinki (FI), November 20
Also taking place at EFECS 2019, is the ECS-SRA Workshop on November 20, in Helsinki, Finland. EPoSS, the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration, invites members of the flexible and printed electronics community to discuss a possible broadening of the ECS-SRA, Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) Strategic Roadmap Agenda (SRA). This is another opportunity, easily being combined with the first 5E Workshop, for the printed electronics industry to have a say and put our technology high on the agenda.

Registration is now open. 

For more information, please visit the 5E Project website or contact or