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A Spotlight on Sustainability at LOPEC 2024

At LOPEC 2024, sustainability is the overarching theme. The potential impact of the printed electronics industry is very broad and deep. Environmental sustainability and circularity are topics that are clearly within the scope of research and product development of companies and institutes.

Here are some sustainability highlights at LOPEC Conference that you really want to mark your calendar for:

Tuesday, March 05:

  • Short Course, 09:15
    Towards Sustainable Ink by Corinne Versini, GenesInk, FR
  • Short Course, 10:30
    Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 3D Electronic structured by Dr. Steffen Scholz, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), DE
  • Short Course, 14:00
    Independent and Reliable Green Energy from Flexible Organic PV Modules by Martin Hermenau, Heliatek, DE
  • Short Course, 15:45
    Towards Sustainable integrated Printed Electronics by Dr. Lionel Tenchine, IPC, FR

Wednesday, March 6:

  • Open plenary for all LOPEC visitors, 08:00
    Printed Electronics – Products, Trends and Facts for a Sustainable Future by Dr. Alain Schumacher, IEE Sensing, LUX
  • Panel discussion for all LOPEC visitors, 15:00
    Sustainability, Circularity, and Printed Electronics moderated by Dr. Giovanni Nisato
    • Dr. Jens Hauch, Helmholtz Institut, DE
    • Dr. Katariina Penttilä, Avery Dennison, FI
    • Dr. Erika Rebrosova, Sun Chemical, USA
    • Dr. Pieter Willot, VITO, BE

Thursday, March 07:

  • Technical Conference session, 14:00 – 16:00
    Circular Economy and Green Electronics moderated by Dr Jérome Gavillet, CEA Liten, FR
  • Tools for Improving Circularity and Sustainability of Electronics
    Liisa Hakola, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Finland
  • Development and Integration of Flexible Smart Sensors in Textile Finishing Processes for Water Quality Monitoring Ricardo Martins Campos, CeNTI, Portugal
  • Ecotron: Creating Value with Responsible Electronics
  • Limitations of Manufacturing PE on Recycling PET Substrates and Strategies to Overcome them in Roll-to-roll Printing for Mass Production of Greener Smart Labels for Food-packaging
    Mirko Torres, Printability and Graphic Communications Institute, Canada

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