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OE-A Network and Partners

OE-A has an extensive, international network and is working together with various partners from around the world in order to strengthen the position of the printed electronics industry

Collaborations within VDMA

In order to strengthen synergies within VDMA as well as to encourage knowledge exchange, OE-A is working together with other VDMA associations and working groups on specific topics. These partner associations provide sector-specific expertise to their member companies, many of which are business partners to the organic and printed electronics industry. This not only ensures the best services for our members, but also enables and supports the (further) development of new ideas, technologies and partnerships.

OE-A is assigned to the VDMA sector association EMINT (Electronics, Micro and Nano Technologies), which also includes the sector groups ProductronicMicro TechnologiesPhotovoltaic Equipment and Battery Production.

The VDMA sector association DUP (Printing and Paper Technology) is the voice of the manufacturers of machinery and systems for prepress, printing and post-print processes, paper production and paper converting as well as components and devices.

The VDMA working group AM (Additive Manufacturing) offers its members from industry and scientific research a variety of services related to industrial 3D printing technologies.

The VDMA sector association NUV (Food Processing & Packaging Machinery) represents a very heterogenous industry and has therefore a broad, manifold product portfolio.

The main activities of the VDMA sector association TXM (Textile Machinery) are economic and technical representation of the branch’s interests, exchange of experiences as well as market information and active support regarding political decisions.

The VDMA competence center Future Business aims to recognize trends and disruptions at an early stage in order to secure the future for our industry as well as support the strategic development of new business segments.

The VDMA Startup Machine is an initiative that recognizes the value of start-ups as they turn trends into new technologies and products which are interesting for the machinery industry. Both sides are being brought together – matchmaking with relevance.

The Photonics Forum represents the diversity and breadth of the VDMA “all about the medium of light” on a theme-oriented platform: it bundles and networks the competencies and know-how of six VDMA branches and promotes synergies for the benefit of its members through cross-technology and cross-industry exchange. As the central point of contact for the sectors, the Photonics Forum is committed to a strong positioning of the key photonics technology.

Messe München

OE-A is organizing its annual flagship event LOPEC together with Messe München. With more than 50 trade fairs in their portfolio for industrial goods, consumer goods, and new technologies, Messe München offers global trade fair competence in a wide variety of branches.

Munich, Germany, is a location with exceptional infrastructure for international trade fairs. This metropolis is home to global players, mid-sized firms and countless high-tech companies.

European Commission

OE-A cooperates with a number of national and regional printed electronics associations around the world as well as institutions such as the European Commission. Through these collaborations, OE-A actively supports the further development of the printed electronics technology as well as offering various new business opportunities for its members.

Journals and Market Intelligence

Through the several partnerships with journals as well as market research companies, OE-A can offer its members various additional benefits such as visibility and discounts. The following cooperations share a common interest in informing the public about printed electronics and to bring this industry to the next level: