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What would benefit us both


OE-A member logo

As OE-A we represent you, and as our member you represent us – together we represent the organic and printed electronics industry. For us to send out this strong message and to show our collaboration, we provide you with our logo which you can put on your website and use it for other communication means (e.g. presentations, brochures, banners, etc.).

[Download OE-A member logo as .tif] [OE-A member logo as .pdf]

Connect your website to OE-A

Why not link our logo which you just embedded to the OE-A website? This will show your website visitors your international presence and involvement in the organic and printed electronics industry.

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Join us on social media

We would like to further strengthen our social media presence as well as interact with you. We therefore would like you to follow us on Twitter and join us on LinkedIn – of course we will follow you back. Share your stories and OE-A experiences!

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