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What we require from you


In order for us to represent your organization and innovations in the best way possible, we kindly ask you for some information and documents.

Organization logo

Please send us the logo (high resolution) of your organization, which we will use for our various communication channels (e.g. website, posters, brochures, etc.).

[Send organization logo to]

Images & videos

We are always looking for more images and videos related to organic and printed electronics, which we can use for our various communication channels (e.g. website, newsletters, articles, brochures, social media, etc.). Share your resources and increase your international exposure (we will of course credit your multimedia material accordingly)!

[Send images & videos to]

OE-A Products & Services Directory

The OE-A Products & Services Directory is an online database on our website that lists the competencies of our members. This directory serves as an online platform to everyone who is looking for an expert in a specific field of the organic and printed electronics industry. In order for you to be visible in our network, we require your input. Please fill in the following template.

Contact details press & PR

We want to inform your press & PR department about our latest news and updates related to the organic and printed electronics industry (e.g. press releases, newsletters, etc.). But we would also like to receive your latest updates as well as have a contact point for communications related matters. We therefore would like to have the contact details of your press & PR representative.

[Send contact details press & PR to]

Contact details colleagues

Please share the contact details of your colleagues with us and let us know if they would like to receive up-to-date information about printed electronics and OE-A activities.

[Send contact details colleagues to]

News for OE-A Newsletter

Do you have interesting updates, press releases, etc. about your organization / products / events? Send us your article (URL) and we can include it in our next OE-A Newsletter, as part of the section “OE-A Member News”.

[Send your article (URL) to]