Empa & NovaCentrix: Printed Sensors for Security Systems

Empa & NovaCentrix

A transparent security system demonstrator based on printed conductive indium tin oxide (ITO) patterns.

A transparent security system demonstrates multiple touchpoint operation of a transparent capacitive type sensor based on inkjet printed material. The active touch part of the device utilize high transmittance values which makes it hard for the human eye to distinguish where the sensing part is located and increases security level offered by the device. The system can be realized on both rigid glass substrate (used in windows, showcases, displays), as well as on flexible substrates (used in door lockers, and other curved surfaces). The demonstrator utilizes non-organic, and printed technology in both rigid and flexible forms.

Target Group

  • Market for Electronic Access Control System (EACS) used in smart houses,
    banks, business corporations, the military and hospitals

Printed Electronics Components

  • Printed conductive parts

Degree of innovation

The degree of product innovation can be assessed as moderate/high. As moderate – it offers a new type of compound, and novel structure; as high – novel mechanism for the identified target group who will benefit from using it. The existing examples of transparent touchscreens in the market, mostly OLED-based and large-area (which really allow user to see through them and which are invisible unless they are activated) are mostly used on purpose of displaying the information. None of the existing security systems can provide the feature of its invisibility.


Attractiveness of the product

The system is transparent and can be integrated into any existing designs or décor. There is increased design flexibility as well, as the system can be applied to straight and curved geometries. The system also entails a simple, inclusive user-interface as no additional key cards are required. Furthermore, it offers scratch-resistant properties for multi-time use.

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