Students printing their own loudspeakers

Messe München

OE-A and University of Applied Sciences Munich successfully organized a Printed Electronics Hands-on Workshop

Due to its previous success, OE-A and the Munich University of Applied Sciences organized a Printed Electronics Hands-on Student Workshop for the second time. This workshop (free of charge) was addressed to students who are interested in the field of printed electronics and who may not have access to printing labs or characterization tools.

On March 13 (co-located with LOPEC 2018) the OE-A Working Group Education offered lectures and practical sessions on lab safety, printing methods, as well as fundamentals of screen printed loudspeakers. The work in the laboratory was alternated with lectures about OE-A and piezo-electric materials (Prof. Dr. Jan Bernards, Fontys University of Applied Sciences), printing technologies (Prof. Ulrich Moosheimer, Munich University of Applied Sciences), conductive inks (Dr. Sébastien Sanaur, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne) and loudspeaker characterization (Dr. Wolfgang Schmidt, Felix Schoeller Group). During the experimental work some unforeseen challenges occurred, but in the end sound could be generated with several functioning loudspeakers.

The workshop was fully booked: In total 15 students from various European countries participated. The students enjoyed the workshop, as became clear from their positive feedback:
“The workshop proved very insightful. Beforehand I did not know a lot about different printing techniques and this workshop certainly helped, especially of course for screen printing. The workshop was very engaging, and It was fun to make and test the loudspeaker ourselves, especially since it turned out successfully at the last minute. All in all, I’m glad I attended the workshop as it was a good and fun experience.”

The workshop has been made possible through sponsoring of materials by Piezotech Arkema, Genes’Ink, Agfa-Gevaert, Coatema, Metafas and Felix Schoeller Group.

The OE-A is planning to have another workshop next year, co-located with LOPEC 2019.
For more information visit the OE-A Working Group Education page.