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The OE-A Working Group Demonstrator illustrates the potential of the organic and printed electronics technology as well as fostering cooperation among its members.

OE-A Demonstrator

Apart from the fact that a number of project teams have already worked together on a variety of demonstrators over the years, this working group organizes the annual OE-A Competition to support companies, designers, scientists, and engineers in developing a vision of future applications in organic and printed electronics. OE-A members can participate by submitting their new products and prototypes, thereby promoting their latest innovations. The resulting demonstrators and design concepts will be exhibited at LOPEC, where the best concept as well as the best demonstrator in each category will be honored.

Take part in OE-A Competition 2021

New ideas, prototypes, and designs in the area of organic and printed electronics are what the OE-A is looking for in its annual competition. The OE-A Competition 2021 has officially been launched.

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OE-A Competition 2020 Participants

Overview OE-A Competition Participants

Eventhough LOPEC could not take place due to the known circumstances, we still continue the OE-A Competition 2020 in a different format. Also this year we have received various interesting and professional Printed Electronics products, which can be viewed below. 

Winners 2020

Participants per category

  • HiSurface - Intuitive Interface for Electric Vehicles, CeNTI (Portugal)
  • Transparent Heating System for Automotive Headlights, CHASM Advanced Materials (USA)
  • Smart Blister for Medication Monitoring, Schreiner Group (Germany)
  • ActiSense - Smart Footwear Sensor ,IEE (Luxembourg)
  • Self-Powered Cosmetic Mask , Enfucell Oy (Finland)
  • DigiTag – Flexible Digital Pricing Label , Tagenea, IMEC & Ynvisible (Spain, Belgium & Portugal)
  • Self-Powered OTFT ePaper Display, Plastic Logic (Germany)
  • NFC Antenna, Copprint (Israel)
  • OPV Powered Sensor Platform, Dracula Technologies (France)


  • 3D Printed Eggtimer, FAU - University of Erlangen (Germany)
  • Flexible, Segmented OLED Panel , OLEDWorks (Germany)
  • Waterproof OLED-Fin,  Fraunhofer FEP (Germany)
  • Glowing Electroluminescent Glass, TU Darmstadt (Germany)
  • Printed Thermochromic Word-Clock, TU Darmstadt (Germany)
  • Printed Retro Electroluminescent Display, Loughborough University (England)
  • Rollable LED Foil with Touch Buttons, Papierfabrik Louisenthal & VTT Finland (Germany & Finland)
  • Magic MINT Box, Munich University of Applied Sciences (Germany)


  • OPV Facade, Heliatek (Germany)
  • Smart Home Control Panel, 3DMA, Fraunhofer FEP, Munich University of Applied Sciences, SmartEEs (Germany)
  • CAPID – Thin-Film Capacitive Coupled Identification Tag , imec & Holst Centre (Belgium & The Netherlands)
  • SENSYS – Electrochromic Fish, VTT Finland & Ynvisible (Finland & Germany)
  • ATLASS – Thin & Flexible Proximity Mapping Sensor, CEA Liten, FlexEnable, Joanneum Research & Merck (France, England, Austria & Germany)