OE-A Fellows

Starting from 2017 the OE-A recognizes as Fellow an individual who has made significant, sustained contributions to the field of organic and printed electronics and OE-A itself. This person will be honored with the title “OE-A Fellow” receives a personal lifetime OE-A membership.

Dr. Bertrand Fillon

Bertrand Fillon, Program Director CEA Liten - 2020

For more than fifteen years, Bertrand Fillon has been an important ambassador for the OE-A and has also supported and promoted the flexible, organic and printed electronics industry at European and international level. Bertrand Fillon is also a member of the Scientific Board of the LOPEC conference. He is also involved in various European platforms and associations as well as in various expert groups at international and national level.


Prof. Reinhard Baumann

Prof. Reinhard Baumann, Chemnitz University of Technology & Fraunhofer ENAS – 2018 

Professor Baumann is one of the founders of OE-A and served the OE-A Board of Directors for 12 years. His contributions by forming networks between the industry, research institutes and universities, as well as his longstanding support of LOPEC as chair of the Scientific Conference, among other positions, have led to positive developments of both LOPEC and the industry.

Prof. Harri Kopola

Prof. Harri Kopola, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland – 2018 

Professor Kopola is highly regarded by OE-A and across the industry: 20  years ago, Professor Harri Kopola, a pioneer in the field of printed electronics, set up a research institute for printed electronics at VTT. His influence on EU-level decision-making, as well as his large networks, including both academic and industrial stakeholders, have been instrumental in promoting the industrialization of printed electronics internationally.

Wolfgang Mildner

Wolfgang Mildner, MSWtech & General Chair LOPEC – 2017

Wolfgang Mildner has made exceptional contributions to both OE-A and LOPEC. He played a significant role in the founding of OE-A and was chairman of the OE-A board of directors for six years. As General Chair for LOPEC since 2009, he has also helped in forming LOPEC and bringing it to today’s leading position.