Printed Electronics Meets Additive Manufacturing

Rapid TCT

OE-A members represented the printed electronics industry at Rapid TCT in Fort Worth, TX, US

On Tuesday, April 24 OE-A members represented OE-A and the printed electronics industry at Rapid+TCT in the US. The session “Direct Write Printed Materials / Electronics” was a success with more than 60 attendees and included the following presentations:

  • Processing method for heating high-temp materials without damaging low-temperature substrates
    Rick Larson, Technical Business Development / Strategic Account Management, Novacentrix
  • Using multiple slot die systems for a rapid build-up of basic 3D structures which can be conductive or have multiple layer functions
    Thomas Kolbusch, Vice President, COATEMA Coating Machinery 
  • Transitioning from 2D circuits to freeform electronics using 3D Printing
    Riley Reese, Innovation Program Manager, TNO / Holst Centre 

OE-A is connecting its members to neighboring, emerging technologies such as additive manufacturing (or 3D printing) which enables the development of novel products.  
There is an increasing demand for complex shaped electronics which can be realized by combining the best of both worlds: Printed electronics allows for the electronic functionalization of individualized object, while 3D printing enables the production of uniquely shaped electronics.

About Rapid + TCT

From April 24-26 Rapid + TCT took place at the Fort Worth Convention Center Fort Worth, TX, US. With the constant emergence of new technologies, machines, and materials, additive manufacturing is evolving so quickly that if you do not stay up to speed, you will be left behind.
RAPID + TCT provides information about 3D technologies, including hands-on exhibits, product announcements, education from the industry’s experts, and unparalleled networking.

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