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Transparent Capacitive Switch

Sun Chemical and E2IP (USA and Canada)

Transparent capacitive switch demonstrator showcases the ability of Sun Chemical’s newest silver conductive ink to deliver <40 um resolution transparent metal mesh electrodes. The capability to screen-print fine-line silver mesh electrodes allows for reduced number of printing steps and less complex assembly of capacitive switch circuits. The demonstrator is a result of close collaboration with partners to show viability and industrial readiness of technologies related to high-resolution screen printing of transparent silver mesh electrodes.

Functional layers of the transparent capacitive switch (TCS) circuit are printed on a production scale screen printing line at e2ip Technologies. The inks are printed on commercially available PET substrate with Sun Chemical SunTronic inks (silver conductive ink, UV dielectric ink, carbon ink and other supmenetary inks as needed for the target design) and using high quality stainless screen mesh by Asada Mesh and screens prepared by Sefar Inc. The design, manufacture and assembly of the switch is done at e2ip Technologies. Screen printed TSC circuit is adhesive bonded to LED circuit for backlighting the icons, light guide film and finally to a dead-front graphic label to make a thin and curved control panel demonstrator with single and multi touch capablity. The backligting of the icons can be activated by the touch as illustrated in the PDF document attached to the application.

Target Group

  • HMI for automotive, home appliances, medical and aeronautical markets.

Attractiveness of the Product

  • Flexible transparent capacitive switches enable high level of differentiation and design freedom to make thin, ergonomic and functional surfaces with atractive backlighting schemes.
  • Screen printed fine-metal-mesh based TCS designs provides a more reliable, more cost effective and more enviromentaly friendly solution than conventional electronics (i.e. copper flex), all of which are the key drivers and trends in above mentioned markets.

Printed Electronics Components

  • Printed conductive path
  • Printed capacitive switch
  • Printed sensor (touch)
  • Printed interconnection
  • Printed dielectric / insulator