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Smart Display Cabinet

Naitec (Spain)

The demonstrator consists of a display case that includes the following functionalities achieved through printed electronics: capacitive sensors and mobile application to display the occupancy level of the shelves & magnetic lock activated by capacitive coded key.

Each functionality could be integrated indepently in a display case.
– Occupancy level sensors: it is formed by an array of capacitive printed sensors, printed wires, a power supply unit, hybrid control electronics, communications module, mobile device and a mobile application sofware.
– Capacitive coded Magnetic lock: it is formed by a commercial magnetic lock, a power supply unit, hybrid control electronics, and a 3D printed capacitive coded key.

Target Group

  • Mobility
  • Mechatronics
  • Furniture and building Sector

Attractiveness of the Product

  • New applications of printed capacitive sensors
  • Conectivity and signal transmission to mobile phone
  • 3D printed capacitive coded keys
  • Easy integration in an existing product

Printed Electronics Components

  • Printed conductive path
  • Printed capacitive switch
  • Printed sensor