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Pressure Sensor based on Conductive Carbon Cellulose Nonwoven Textile

Rise (Sweden)

A pressure sensor based on cellulose: carbon nonwoven will be built. The sensor can be used for health care or inside a car compartment. The composite is made by solution blown technique. The sensitivity and the ease of use for the sensor will be shown. When pressure is applied on the conductive nonwoven, the resistance of the cellulose: carbon nonwoven material will change correspondingly, and as a consequence the number of ignited LEDs will also change.

Target Group

  • Healthcare
  • Automotive

Attractiveness of the Product

  • Cellulose based
  • Flexible
  • Highly functional with quick response
  • Sustainable materials that are both easy to use and recycle

Printed Electronics Components

  • Printed conductive path
  • Printed adhesive
  • Pressure sensitive cellulose

Funding Source

Norrköpings fond