Centi: S-Console - Smart Gear Selector for Automatic Car


The demonstrator is a smart gear selector for an automatic transmission system.

The demonstrator is a smart gear selector for an automatic transmission system. Such selector integrates gear selection and lighting features onto the part surface. All electronics that are required to ensure the perfect functionality are integrated into the material structure. There is also a possibility of changing the Z-Axis position, allowing the central console zone to mutate into a new and unobtrusive shape, completely adapted to autonomous driving mode.

Target Group

  • Automotive

Printed Electronics Components

  • Printed conductive paths
  • Printed capacitive switch
  • Printed capacitive buttons and sliders

Degree of Innovation
The main innovation of the demonstrator is also related to the technologies that will be applied. In specific the integration process that demonstrates the feasibility of integrating printed devices in injected moulded components in and industrial environment, for automotive applications.

Attractiveness of Product 
This technology can be used to integrate new functionalities in car interiors or replace conventional technologies already being used such as mechanical switches. The possibility of creating smart labels that will conform to different shapes and surfaces opens new possibilities for designers and engineers making it an attractable product and technology.
It also helps the cost reduction on production and manufactering process by the reduction of steps of production and low height of the new smart enabled injected structures.

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