OE-A Membership


OE-A offers many activities to further strengthen and develop the organic and printed electronics industry. OE-A members are thereby supported in meaningful ways and provided with numerous exclusive benefits.

Your benefits

As OE-A member you can make use of a wide array of tools, services and platforms in favor of your organization and products. Your numerous benefits entail, among others, the following:

As OE-A member you are part of the broad, international network where you benefit from knowledge exchange and cooperation with all OE-A members and partners, for example during the regular OE-A meetings, in order to:

  • Develop new partnerships;
  • Collaborate with like-minded, innovative businesses;
  • Benefit from experienced product development experts;
  • Determine the demand of end users / customers;
  • Discover new technologies and products;
  • Find new suppliers and customers;
  • Identify and prioritize application areas with high potential; and
  • Share your vision and ambition to further advance this emerging technology.

OE-A provides its members with up-to-date market and technology information on developments in the field of organic and printed electronics. OE-A’s expertise arises from your input and participation, but also from close co-operation with leading market intelligence corporations and related international associations. Leading examples of products developed through collaboration between OE-A and OE-A members:

By means of discussion and cooperation in the particular working groups, OE-A members are able to gather valuable information, publish research, share best practices, initiate new and innovative developments, further improve existing products and processes, as well as find solutions for certain challenges.

OE-A promotes its members' innovations through a multitude of media outlets, giving you the opportunity to increase your global visibility:  

There are many more ways how you can benefit from an OE-A membership, such as:

  • Separate OE-A member online platform with exclusive information
  • Hosting an OE-A Meeting and thereby presenting your company or institute
  • Discounts on various publications and market reports
  • Discounts on exhibition booths at international trade shows
  • Complimentary tickets to international conferences
  • Complimentary subscription of the OPE Journal and discounts on ads 
  • … and much more

Join OE-A

Thank you for your interest in OE-A and becoming an OE-A member. You are just a few steps away to be part of the international printed electronics community.

Who can become an OE-A member

Both established organizations as well as start-ups in the field of organic and printed electronics are welcome to join OE-A. Most of OE-A’s members are represented in the following categories: 


  • Component & material suppliers
  • Equipment & tool suppliers
  • Producers & system integrators
  • End-users
  • Research institutes & universities

Submit your OE-A membership application

In order to join OE-A and become a member, please download the OE-A application form, including bylaws and membership dues, and follow the steps indicated on the form. 


In case you wish to learn more about OE-A and a possible membership, we are happy to answer your questions. Contact us in order to schedule a personal telephone call with either our membership expert or managing director. 

European Equipment Manufacturers


For European equipment manufacturers an OE-A membership also requires a membership within VDMA. 

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