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E-Leaf Printed H2O Electrolyzer Cell

Eurecat (Spain)

Capacitor devices based on printed catalysts and electrodes serve a great purpose for energy storage and harvesting, green hydrogen formation and even sensors for medical devices. The development of all elements of the membrane-electrode assembly as printed elements that can be combined to create personalized devices will here be presented in an unique prototype of a fully printed electrolyzer cell with a creative leaf shape for demonstration of printed electronics capabilities to the world.

The prototype is an ultra thin fully printed electrolyzer cell based on printed electronics, with gas formation and electrolyte is water. The prototype is based on a double side printed device on paper foil, has a leaf shape, a 2×2 cm area, is less than 1 mm thick, it is encapsulated in a transparent foil to observe the gas formation.

Target Group

  • Fuel cell and batteries community
  • Sensors for medical devices community

Attractiveness of the Product

  • The prototype is exploiting the versatility of design of printed technology thus we will make a fuel cell/electrolyser cell with an original Leaf shape.
  • It is also transparent to see through the printed device and will have decorative prints in color to embellish the prototype.

Printed Electronics Components

  • Printed conductive path
  • Printed interconnection
  • Printed sensor
  • Printed electrode